St Jude-the forgotten Jude

I first came to know of St Jude when i google for the saints to call for a situation when i need help.

That was the first time i known of him.

I said the prayer and as i read that the best way to honor him is to spread words on his miraculous help, i went to the internet and gave thanks to him.

I don’t remember that the prayer came true (maybe i didn’t say my prayers rightly ;)) but i have faith that he will answered my prayers.

Then came recently when i was trying to get Lady gaga’s concert tickets. The ticketing system hang and i thought for once that i couldn’t get the tickets. I was determined to get it, as i don’t want my friend to say that i am incompetent (that i didn’t even managed to get concert tickets). I called on St jude for help, and guess what, after 2 hrs 10 mins i got it!

I read in the papers later that people took like 8 hrs to get it. I am so glad i didnt ;)

Then i came across St jude again in the Novena Church. It was a pile of papers and it was a novena prayer and St jude was there on the covers.

Right away i went to the bookshop in the church and bought the cards of St Jude. I also made 81 copies of the flyers for the novena over 9 days.

On the last day of the novena, i won the first prize of an Iphone 4s in my company’s event. You can’t help but marveled at St Jude.

Initially i was a bit skeptical, could i be honoring St jude, who is the traitor of Jesus? After all they did said that he was one of Jesus’ 12 apostels.

Hence i checked the name of Jesus’ apostles again. They were as follows:

Simon, son of Jonas (also known as Peter or Cephas) (John 1:42)
Andrew, son of Jonas
James, son of Zebedee (nicknamed with his brother, Sons of Thunder) (Luke 5:10)
John, son of Zebedee (nicknamed with his brother, Sons of Thunder) (Luke 5:10)
Matthew (also known as Levi)
James, son of Alpheaus
Simon, the Canaanite (nicknamed the Zealot)
Judas, son of James (also called Lebbaeus or Thaddaeus)
Judas Iscariot.

See- St jude is Judas son of james or Thaddeus. Judas the traitor is Judas Iscariot. They were two different person. In fact, because they had the same name, most of the time St jude was named Thaddeus to differentiate him from Judas.

Hence St Jude was the forgotten Jude- for he was called Thaddeus and not Jude for a long time.

Perhaps that is why one way of honoring him is to tell people of him.

Wasn’t there times where people misunderstood you? or forgot about you? or something bag happened to you and you felt that you were forgotten by God?

St Jude wrote in his letters (as published in the new testaments):

But you, my beloved, building yourselves upon your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost,
Keep yourselves in the love of God, waiting for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ, unto life everlasting.
And some indeed reprove, being judged:
But others save, pulling them out of the fire.
And on others have mercy, in fear, hating also the spotted garment which is carnal.

St Jude urges us to keep our faith in the worst situations and he is thus honored as the “Miraculous Saint” or Patron Saint of desperate help.

In modern today, you may think that these are superstitions but i would help to state here as testimony that it is nothing but the truth.

If you doubt me, why don’t you called for St jude for help in situations deemed “impossible”? Like “You will not live”. ” You will not have money”. ” You will not be loved”?

And if St Jude had made that miracle for you, please wrote a testimony of him here “in the comments page” so that the rest of the world will know, and let St Jude be known, and not forgotten.

St Jude is there to help, because he encourages you to have faith.

Thank you St Jude.